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Open node voor vrije mensen met XMPP server (chat) en delen met andere sociale netwerken.

2023.01-15... 5.3K 54.1K

Friendica server with the (nearly) most current development code. Mostly stable, sometimes (a little bit) unstable.

2023.03-de... 4.7K 214K

Nice people with good intentions are welcome. :) The server is located in Helsinki and is running on Friendica's develop code. An enhanced s...

2023.03-de... 2.1K 346K

Friendica.Eskimo.Com is a public service of Eskimo North

2023.03-de... 1.7K 13.0K 🍀 – your stellar home in fediverse. You can communicate with people from all over the fediverse network, connect your Twitter...

2023.01-15... 1.5K 61.6K

Dieser Knoten ist ein Public Knoten für alle Neugierige, die dem offenen, dezentralisierten Social Network beitreten wollen.

2023.03-de... 773 75.5K

The OutsourcedMath Social site has the intention of hosting content relevant to services offered by Outsourced Math LLC now or in the future...

2022.10-14... 674 17.3K

A trade-free Friendica node. Anyone can register and whatever they post, it is their responsibility. You do not have to trade your currency,...

2023.01-15... 668 102K

Server in Germany/EU 🇩🇪 🇪🇺. Open to all with fun in new. Server in Deutschland. Offen für alle mit Spaß an Neuen.

2023.01-15... 583 46.4K

All (friendly) creatures welcome! Freie/kostenlose Registrierung, der Server steht in Deutschland. Als registrierte/r Nutzer/in kannst Du...

2023.01-15... 398 21.2K

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