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你好,欢迎使用 社交媒体实例。 什么是 仅仅是一个服务器位于美国的网站。它使用了「长毛象(Mastodon)」服务。...

mastodon 3.4.1 19.2K 1.6M 4h ago

Hello! is a general topic, mainly English-speaking instance :-)

mastodon 3.4.1 19.0K 590K 4h ago

Fosstodon is an English speaking Mastodon instance that is dedicated to Free & Open Source Software, or FOSS as many call it. Fosstodon...

mastodon 3.4.1 18.7K 853K 5h ago
juick 2.x 18.3K 2.0M 2d ago is one of the instance in the fediverse. We're an open-minded generalistic instance. Learn more here!

mastodon 3.4.1 17.8K 2.4M 5h ago
peertube 3.3.0 17.1K 119K 18h ago is a community-led microblogging platform. We’re part of a decentralised federated social network, based on the open-source Masto...

mastodon 3.3.0+bott... 15.7K 296K 4h ago è il social network generalista Italiano parte della più grande rete internazionale di social interconnessi liberi ed open sour...

mastodon 3.4.1 15.4K 152K 6h ago

QOTO: Question Others to Teach Ourselves. A STEM-oriented instance. An inclusive free speech instance. All cultures and opinions welcome. H...

mastodon 3.2.1 15.2K 594K 5h ago

One of the first Mastodon instances, there is no specific topic we're into, just enjoy your time!

mastodon 3.4.1 14.8K 1.4M 26m ago

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