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A social book review site for people who are trying to read more or procrastinate on reading.

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The Library of the Uncommons is a gathering place for those seeking to expand their literary horizons and share in their journey with others.

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LORE è l’istanza Bookwyrm di Livello Segreto. Qui potrete condividere le nostre letture, scoprire nuovi libri, organizzare bookclub e coltivare amicizie letterarie. È di fatto un piccolo social network dedicato ai libri, ma integrato nel fe...

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A community of book lovers who also enjoy walking in the great outdoors. Anyone is welcome to join and to track, review and discuss any genre of book.

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Ainda não temos uma descrição...

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This instance has no description.

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Istanza romana/italiana (a seconda di quanto regge il server)

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