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Talk about books, track your reading, and find out what your friends are reading, on your own terms. BookWyrm is ad-free, anti-corporate, open-source, and federated. You can seamlessly follow and interact with users on other BookWyrm insta...

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welcome to! a tiny instance of BookWyrm, a federated & open-source alternative to Goodreads. track and review your reading, talk to your friends about the good books you've all been reading, and interact with people from...

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A website for book lovers. 世上本没有不能读的书。

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Welcome to, an Bookwyrm instance inspired by The Dispossessed! English Reading and discussing is part of the Bookwyrm network - ad free, federated, open source and non profit platforms. You can interact with users fro...

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Please remember your password, as there is no way to find it back if you lose it.

0.1.0 25 862 5h ago

This is my own little instance of BookWyrm, a decentralized social reading and reviewing app. This instance is still under development and may break or change at any time, but if you want to sign up shoot me an email (and also tell me how y...

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Hemen deskribapena jarri beharko genuke.

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This instance has no description.

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This is a test instance. Only select people can be invited.

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A cozy place to read and discuss

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