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Friendica server with the (nearly) most current development code. Mostly stable, sometimes (a little bit) unstable.

2022.05-rc-1464 4.7K 202K 5h ago

Open node voor vrije mensen met XMPP server (chat) en delen met andere sociale netwerken.

2022.02-1449 3.3K 82.9K 2h ago

Nice people with good intentions are welcome. :) The server is located in Helsinki and is running on Friendica's develop code. An enhanced selection of add-ons and connectors is available. You can communicate seamlessly with people from Fri...

2022.05-rc-1464 1.5K 290K 3h ago

Friendica.Eskimo.Com is a public service of Eskimo North

2022.05-dev-1449 1.1K 35.5K 2h ago 🍀 – your stellar home in fediverse. You can communicate with people from all over the fediverse network, connect your Twitter and follow RSS/Atom feeds. A reasonable selection of add-ons is available. The server is located in...

2022.05-rc-1464 860 32.8K 3h ago

Dieser Knoten ist ein Public Knoten für alle Neugierige, die dem offenen, dezentralisierten Social Network beitreten wollen.

2022.05-rc-1464 704 118K 2h ago

All (friendly) creatures welcome! Freie/kostenlose Registrierung, der Server steht in Deutschland. Als registrierte/r Nutzer/in kannst Du auch mit deinem Account XMPP (Jabber) als Messenger unter derselben Adresse und deinem Passwort mit...

2022.05-rc-1464 456 19.5K 6h ago

Server in Germany/EU 🇩🇪 🇪🇺. Open to all with fun in new. Server in Deutschland. Offen für alle mit Spaß an Neuen.

2022.05-rc-1464 433 195K 4h ago

A trade-free Friendica node. Anyone can register and whatever they post, it is their responsibility. You do not have to trade your currency, attention, data, or freedom to us, in order to use it. We use it for our main project, TROM (tromsi...

2022.02-1449 430 77.5K 41m ago

The OutsourcedMath Social site has the intention of hosting content relevant to services offered by Outsourced Math LLC now or in the future. However, any math, social justice, economics, or even political topics are welcome. Currently it'...

2022.03-1452 396 14.0K 41m ago
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