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0.6.0 git-f9e5ec9 89 67 3h ago

Powerful and Dangerous Goblin Tech (GoToSocial semi-public instance). This instance currently runs on a 1-cpu 1024mb ram vps from We have a defed list as long as your arm; don't be a dick.

0.7.0-SNAPSHOT git-0... 20 5.0K 5h ago
0.7.0-rc1 git-02767b... 7 1 2h ago

A small instance for people I know - gab and pawoo are blocked.

3.3.0 6 393 39m ago

Official GoToSocial instance of the SuperSeriousBusiness org.

0.7.0-rc1 git-02767b... 5 1.8K 5h ago

Totalmente Federada e Acessível (Totally Federated and Accessible) is a private GoToSocial instance created for a small group of friends. No fascists allowed.

0.7.0.rc1.r0.g02767b... 5 39 1h ago

Personal instance for just me.

0.6.0 git-f9e5ec9 5 1.2K 5h ago

Hier findet ihr die grünen Jobs! Remote company since 2000. Folge allen grünen Stellenanzeigen: Folge nur den Energiewende-Jobs:

0.6.0 5 3.4K 4h ago

DE: Diese Fediverse Instanz ist für den Test der Applikation GoToSocial für einen möglichen Dauereinsatz. EN: This Fediverse instance is for testing the GoToSocial application for possible continuous use. Impressum | Datenschutzerklärung

0.7.0-rc1 git-02767b... 4 460 2h ago

Pleroma: An efficient and flexible fediverse server

0.7.0-rc1 git-02767b... 4 1.4K 5h ago
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