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The original server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

4.0.2 882K 44.4M 2h ago
3.3.3 790K 67.7M 3h ago

Mastodon日本鯖です. よろしくお願いいたします。 (Maintained by Sujitech, LLC)

3.5.1 297K 62.6M 5h ago

By clicking past warnings of any sensitive content, you affirm to be 18 years of age or older, and agree to the Terms of Service.

4.0.2 296K 7.3M 5h ago

Everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct! Thank you. is maintained by Sujitech, LLC.

3.4.6 232K 4.6M 3h ago

A newer server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

4.0.2 164K 3.0M 2m ago

A general-purpose Mastodon server with a 500 character limit. All languages are welcome.

4.0.2 151K 7.0M 3h ago

Hello! is a fast, up-to-date and fun Mastodon server.

4.0.2 133K 2.2M 1h ago

Generic Mastodon server for anyone to use.

4.0.2 124K 786K 3h ago

A Mastodon server friendly towards anti-fascists, members of the LGBTQ+ community, hackers, and the like.

4.0.2 74.8K 944K 6h ago
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