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A women-first social network. Feminist, federated, and free.

2.4.51-1184-g01a6b1a... 20.1K 1.7M 21m ago

Fediverse for shitpoasters

2.4.52-1295-g38d7561... 14.6K 2.5M 2h ago

Pleroma instance for - following a free and open philosophy with no de-federation, we like new frens.

2.4.52-477-g214ef7ff... 9.1K 1.1M 6h ago

shitposting, without censorship

2.4.51-915-g8f8a230b... 3.6K 13.8K 6h ago

Pleroma: An efficient and flexible fediverse server

2.4.52-8623-gde6316a... 3.1K 2.1M 6h ago

Alienating people since I came online.

2.4.51-1105-g65e8d42... 2.9K 30.5K 5h ago

A place where anyone is welcome to share their waifu, argue about who's best girl, and be baest and redpilled af.

2.4.51-7817-g5c0c93d... 2.5K 1.9M 1h ago

The fediverse based around cunny

2.4.51-345-g84dcb55b... 2.3K 397K 2h ago

A general instance that values users' freedom and censors no viewpoints or opinions or conspiracy theories. Direct complaints to the admin, @p.

2.2.2-7-g7122f516 2.2K 1.5M 5h ago

A decentralised and no-surveillance social media network by Free Software Movement of India

2.4.0-521-g1a09e749 1.8K 12.3K 21m ago
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